Legal and Financial Management Services That Bring You Peace of Mind

Get the legal and financial services and support you need, when you need them, from an advisor you can trust.

I draw from my law school education and litigation experience to both review and create business agreements and policies with an eye to avoiding future conflicts. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business, I draft customized agreements that reflect the desires of both parties—agreements that ensure a mutual understanding of the purpose of the work to be fulfilled and real satisfaction with the end result.

My auditing and accounting training has helped me develop a logical reasoning process I use to break down and work through a situation or problem to arrive at the most effective outcomes. I use my analytical skills to help you create sustainable revenue streams, foster wise cost control and identify areas of risk that could lead to catastrophic loss.

What I Offer


  • Business formations
  • Contract development
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employee and contractor agreement reviews and revision
  • Discovery & litigation support


  • Interim and outsourced CFO services (chief financial officer)
  • Profit and loss assessment and analysis
  • Cost control and risk mitigation
  • Profit maximization
  • Risk assessment
  • Financial management systems review and optimization

Business Consulting Services That Position You for Success

Your business is positioned for success when you have identified the need you fill for your customers—and you maintain focus and attention on that business purpose every day.

Unfortunately, the majority of new companies fail in the first five years of operation because either they lack a sense of purpose or the business practices required for continued success. Working for family-owned and closely held small businesses, franchises and start-ups across a wide range of industries, I help identify and correct areas of weakness and develop strategies to capitalize on areas of success.

I can act as your interim or outsourced CEO, COO or human relations director. Or, I can focus on those areas of business that need specific attention.

Services That Exceed Your Goals

A business advisor should do more than meet a client’s expectations. Clients hire me to help them build a business that is prosperous on many levels, supported by a dynamic team who’s excited by the work they do and the products and services they offer to their customers.


  • Interim and outsourced CEO services (chief executive officer)
  • Business assessments
  • Business planning and strategic development (for starting, growing, turning around and exiting a business
  • Development of business solutions that deliver products/services your clients want
  • Marketing and sales planning and development
  • Identification of strategic alliance opportunities
  • Mergers and acquisitions including strategic due diligence, governance support and change management
  • Risk assessment and succession planning


  • Interim and outsourced COO services (chief operations officer)
  • Operations strategic planning to achieve your business objectives
  • Strategic decision-making in ambiguous situations
  • Operational systems review and optimization including alignment of people, process, technology and assets
  • Documentation of policies and standard operating procedures
  • Performance management to achieve operational excellence
  • Change process management
  • Supply chain assessment and optimization implementation
  • Customer service assessment and optimization implementation


  • Employee manual creation (company policies and guidelines)
  • Leadership and management development
  • Staff compensation plan review and development
  • Staff training and professional and personal development
  • Proactive conflict prevention or resolution
  • Business mediation and dispute resolution for couples in business, employees, strategic partners and suppliers

A Family Business Advisor with Personal Experience

Not only do I have experience in founding and running companies, I have been a member of two family-owned businesses for many years. This equips me with a unique perspective from which I can advise and support you in creating a business worthy of passing down through generations.

I work with company leaders who share a focus on closely held businesses and family relationships and are receptive to integrating self-awareness and mindful concepts into their business practices. I believe family—personal or professional—is one of the highest impact relationships a person can be part of in their time on earth. Through family, no matter how defined, we create a truly unique relationship of love, loyalty and the opportunity to pass on the wisdom of our lifetime to help future generations and employees capitalize on the lessons we have learned.

The strongest businesses are those that learn how to draw upon the unique abilities of each of their members to the benefit of the whole and to the detriment of none. They are businesses where everyone—be it family or the workforce—has been taught to work together and hone the coping skills they need to manage and capitalize on their different personalities and points of view.

Succession & Exit Planning for a Successful Future

If you have a family or closely held business, creating an exit strategy—and a succession plan to make it happen—serves three important purposes. You have plan to deal with the unforeseen, the random accident or unexpected illness. It gives you peace of mind that you always have the right leaders and processes in place to take your business forward into the next generation. It also ensures that the founders or owners have the financial resources to achieve their own goals after they’ve left the business.

Too many business owners focus their attention on building equity in the business and never develop financial or life plans that guide decision-making when they leave the business, either by choice or necessity.

Gaining a comfort level around the conversation of what happens next and planning for the time you step down is actually one of the most prudent business moves you can ever make.

Bring All Stakeholders Together to Establish Trust and Consent

While it’s common to fear you’ll stir up unresolved conflicts and interpersonal issues that impact close relationships, the risks of not talking about a succession or exit plan can be more damaging. No succession strategy means that you may not be around, physically or mentally, to make any decisions at all.

As your succession planning advisor, I serve as a teacher and guide to make sure that emotions and fears are managed so that lifetime goals and values can be fulfilled. Through proactive planning and moderation, I make it an exciting and inspiring process rather than one that is dreaded and avoided.

Our work will include:

  • Making sure that all stakeholders are aligned with your mission
  • Facilitating and moderating difficult conversations in a way that everyone feels heard and understood
  • Identifying those with the leadership and business skill sets to move your business forward
  • Developing roles for everyone else that allow them to feel valued and trusted and experience a high level of satisfaction professionally and personally
  • Creating an organized governance structure
  • Developing and reviewing shareholder agreements

If you don’t yet have a succession plan and are ready to take the next step, call me at 858-254-0898.

Conflict Resolution to Propel Business Growth

While conflicts arise in every business, closely held and family-owned businesses have unique challenges. Unresolved conflicts, personality differences and fear of difficult conversations can impair business relationships and put everything out of balance. When personal issues become obstacles to growth, something’s got to give.

I teach you how to share information productively and learn from each other so you can make reasoned and wise decisions in all your interactions. A business is stronger when it has a collaborative approach, rather than a competitive or avoidant one.

Through the use of innovative, business-oriented mindfulness tools, I’ll guide you to resolve conflicts that are hindering business growth, seize opportunities to achieve your goals for liquidity, and develop plans for succession while strengthening the bonds of your professional, personal and familial relationships.

If conflict is impeding the growth or success of your business, let’s talk: 858-254-0898