In a closely-held family business, change is the constant of daily life.

What if the ability to thrive through change and the
methodology to sustain it were equally reliable?

Introducing The Wisdom QuotientTM.

Helping family businesses find resilience in the face of change.

In our work with family businesses, we believe change is a methodology, not a project. More tool kit than point in time.

Whether it’s a substantial business goal, a sticky relational issue, or the elephant of crisis in the room, The Wisdom Quotient helps established families and their businesses find their place of sustainable thriving.

We begin by guiding stakeholders and team members to understand how their unique contributions impact both status quo and their aspired future. Then, applying our proven methodology, we cultivate those same core skills to achieve pure change, and ensure change itself is resilient.

Our model becomes your lasting tool kit: a set of skills and processes that you can rely on to navigate future challenges and opportunities. Courage becomes a constant, knowing that company-wide, you can meet anything that comes your way with The Wisdom Quotient.